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The Cowhide Store

Colors Collection - Dyed Solid Pink Superior Grade-A Cowhide

Colors Collection - Dyed Solid Pink Superior Grade-A Cowhide

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Price displayed is for one cowhide. We show multiple examples to demonstrate the nuanced differences in this style. Select the desired size from the drop-down menu. See the size chart image to get an approximate idea of your cowhide's dimensions.
FULL SERVICE: Use the Custom Request box to tell us exactly what you're looking for: lighter, darker, a little more white, etc. When you place your order, a cowhide expert will select your perfect cowhide from our huge stock of hides in this design. If you would like, we can send a picture of what you will be receive before we ship it to you. Just ask in the Custom Request field.
The Colors Collection dyed hides from The Cowhide Store are richly dyed using a special permanent colorfast process that won't run or fade. The hair remains naturally soft and the hide stays supple.
What makes The Cowhide Store different? All of our products are sourced from Brazil's Rio Grande de Sul region, where bovine care and the perfect environment results in the world's finest leather. Others may claim it, but we guarantee that only the best of the best hair-on leather is selected to wear The Cowhide Store brand. Since 1997, we've been the leather rug supplier of choice for America's most prominent decorators, designers, upholsterers, and homeowners. Our products have been featured in numerous publications and television shows.
CARE AND CLEANING - Hide rugs from The Cowhide Store display amazing durability and supple shed-free softness. They are resistant, naturally, to dirt and stains and are easy to maintain with occasional light vacuuming. Spots and spills are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Just use care to not saturate the hide.
APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS - Cowhides are a natural product and will vary slightly in shape, size, and design. Measurements represent the longest distance for height and width. The area value represents a rectangle that would accommodate the hide. These are the dimension ranges for each available size:
  • MEDIUM: 18-25 sq. ft. (5-6 ft L x 4-6 ft W).
  • LARGE: 25-33 sq. ft. (5-7 ft L x 5-7 ft W)
  • X-LARGE: 33-55+ sq. ft. (6-8+ ft L x 6-8+ ft W)
See chart image for visual representation.
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