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Custom Size Hair-On Leather Patchwork Hallway Runner - 4in Squares Solid Off-White

Custom Size Hair-On Leather Patchwork Hallway Runner - 4in Squares Solid Off-White

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Enter your desired size for length and width (in inches) in the spaces provided. Minimum size: 72in L x 24in W.

Select your desired stitching choice (some rugs are only available in zig-zag stitching)

Choose the backing and extra options for your rug at no extra charge. See images for examples, and read below for more information. You can also check out our Patchwork Rug Purchasing Guide for detailed features and benefits of each available choice.

After you make your purchase, we will send a mock-up proof for your approval before we put your rug into production.

This authentic Signature Series 4in Squares Solid Off-White hallway runner from The Cowhide Store will be exquisitely crafted especially for you using premium hair-on leather. Carefully selected precision cut cowhide patches are selected to make this amazing pattern.

Backing Options (see images)

  • Cotton Canvas - Our most luxurious backing is a woven cotton fabric that is sturdy and breathable. It's offered only with 1/8-inch foam padding for just the right amount of cushioning. Perfect for tile, wood or other floors, and okay for carpeted floors. Best for all (dry to humid) environmental conditions.
  • Non-Woven Synthetic - Our most versatile backing is a thin (but strong) breathable and flexible polyester fabric. It's available with or without padding. Perfect for all floors. We recommend the no-padding option if used on top of thick carpeting. Best for all (dry to humid) environmental conditions.
  • Water-Resistant Vinyl - Our textured vinyl backing is great for dining areas or where spills may occur. The vinyl prevents spills from seeping through to the floor. Perfect for fine wood, tile, carpet or other flooring. It's available with or without padding. We recommend the no-padding option if used on top of thick carpeting. Best for dry environmental conditions especially when use on wooden floors.


  • Zig-Zag Stitching: This stitching style is our most popular. It creates a flat rug surface and allows for excellent durability and precision. We use matching color or clear threads carefully selected to blend with the color of the hair-on leather.
  • Invisible Stitching (not available on some rugs): This method attaches the patch edges top-to-top and then folds flat so the thread is barely visible. It is only available on rugs with large square or rectangle patches of 6 inches or greater. It creates a clean look, but the rug surface will not be perfectly flat as with zig-zag stitching. The seams will be slightly raised.

Additional Trim Options

  • Non-Slip Corners (not available on round or odd-shaped rugs) - Our polyester non-slip underlay material is applied to the corners of the rug for extra gripping power on bare floors.
  • Cotton Edge Strip (not available on round or odd-shaped rugs) - A sturdy cotton fabric strip is attached along the outer perimeter of the backing. It adds a layer of protection to the rug's edges, but also adds a small amount of thickness.

About Our Patchwork Rugs

At The Cowhide Store, we've been expertly crafting designer quality cowhie carpets since 1997. We've been the go-to choice of professional designers and decorators for over 25 years. Our SIGNATURE SERIES cowhide patchwork rugs and runners from The Cowhide Store are the ultimate in quality and luxury. There is a remarkable difference when comparing our cowhide products to those sold elsewhere. It's in the quality of the hides, stitching, edge finishing, backing, richness of color, and overall attention to detail.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Our cowhide rugs are naturally durable, flame-resistant, and stand up well to being walked on. Regular light vacuuming should be all the cleaning your rug will ever need. Cowhides resist stains very well and can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap when necessary. Clean spills promptly. Gentle steam cleaning may be performed, taking care not to completely soak the hide. Avoid putting the rugs in areas where the rug may become wet or soaked in water.


Our custom rugs are not casually returnable. However if your rug is defective or damaged during shipment, we will make it right with a replacement. (see details). Please double check your specifications before ordering, and contact us if you need personal assistance. We will send a mock-up proof for your approval before your rug is produced, so we can be sure that it is made exactly as you specify.

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