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Patchwork Rug Wall Display Hanger - Turquoise Pine with Diamonds Accent

Patchwork Rug Wall Display Hanger - Turquoise Pine with Diamonds Accent

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Rug is NOT included (shown for illustration purposes only).

[See detailed rug hanger instructions here]

Only available from The Cowhide Store! Our original wall-mount rug hanger securely clamps to the edge of your leather patchwork rug. Metal sawtooth hangers on the backside make for easy and secure hanging on your nails or screws. Select a hanger width that is 2-4 inches longer than the top edge of your rug. For example, if you are mounting a rug with a 40-inch edge, you should select a hanger width of 42 or 44 inches. If the size you need is not available, just select the next larger size. You can then tell us the exact size you need in the comments box.

The front of the hanger is decorated with a rust metal accent as shown.

Here's how it works (see image diagram):

  1. Loosen the screws on the back piece of the hanger.
  2. Set the top edge of the rug between the two pieces of wood just beneath the screws.
  3. Tighten the screws until the hanger clamps tightly to the edge of the rug (be careful not to screw into the rug).
  4. Hang the saw tooth hangers (included on the back of the hanger) over your wall mounting screws (not included). We recommend using wall anchors rated for the combined weight of your rug and hanger for mounting on a hollow wall.

Note: The patchwork rugs pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

Our exclusive wooden rug display rails are handmade from locally sourced materials in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Yours will be individually made to order in 5-7 business days and then shipped via your chosen method.

Approximate Dimensions: 3.5-inches high (measured at center) x your choice of width x 1-inch deep.

The height on either side of the center motif ranges from 2 to 2.5 inches (varies with rug hanger width). The maximum amount of the top rug edge to be clamped is 1.125 inches (distance from adjustment screws to the bottom of the hanger). When installed per the easy instructions, the screws do not penetrate the textile. They remain above the rug and squeeze the two pieces of the hanger together to clamp the edge.

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